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Infographics are a means of presenting data in striking visual form aimed to immediately grab the viewers’ attention and present information in a powerful way. Bar graphs and pie charts, for example, are both very simple forms of infographics though with modern software, infographics can be much more detailed and combine graphic elements,colour coding and text to create something much more visually pleasing. The defining quality of any infographic is that it presents data, even complex data, in a simple form. Creating effective infographics is a combination of art and science, but the effort is worthwhile as they offer many benefits which can really boost a page in the search rankings by creating links to your site and brand awareness.

Infographics grab the viewers attention


Users do appreciate long-form content but if they’re going to trust you with their time, you need to convince them that you deserve it. An infographic can act as an effective “teaser” to your denser and moretime consuming content. Something that is visually pleasing has a much greater chance or being viewed and shared

They are superbly shareable

Have a look at your own, personal, social media feeds. See how many of the posts you and your friends share are actually infographics and images versus how manyshare long from written articles. If you’ve never thought about it before, the result mightsurprize you.

They are an inoffensive way to promote a brand

At the moment, there is something of a battle going on between advertisers and content consumers. The former are, effectively, paying for content and hence dislike people using ad blockers when accessing sites which depend on revenue for adverts. While you could argue that they have a point, what exactly can they achieve by forcing adverts on customers? The key to promoting a brand is to create content users love and to integrate it with your brand in a way which harmonizes with the consumption of the content rather than disrupting it. A quality infographic with a discreet brand logo or other reasonable mention of your brand can achieve this very nicely and remember a natural share costs you nothing in additional revenue.

They work across all devices and connections

One of the biggest challenges facing brands today is creating content which can be enjoyed on all kinds of devices on all kinds of internet connections. Infographics can be enjoyed just as easily by people on tiny smartphones with wheezing data connections as they can by people with huge screens and superfast broadband. That is a huge advantage in today’s online world.

So now you know some of the benefits of infographics, you may be wondering how to go about creating them, Well, here is a helpful list of resources for you. has a vast range of resources for creating infographics. Experienced users will love its full feature set and wealth of options, plus it’s easy to search by topic. Beginners, however, just need to click on (very visible) “Help” link to find everything they need to know to get started. Just like the home page, the help section is very well organized and the fact that it opens automatically in a separate tab means that you can easily refer to it while you work. offers a total of four pricing plans to suit different kinds of users.

Free: Let’s you work on up to 3 projects and gives you 100MB of storage and access to millions of pictures. Access to other, premium, resources is restricted and the logo appears on the resultant infographics.

Standard (US$120 perannum) : Let’s you work on up to 15 projects permonth, and gives you 250MB of storage plus access to premium resources. In addition, infographics are created without the logo.

Complete (US$ 228 per annum) and Team (US$684 per annum) are essentially the same and can make the most of everything has to offer. The difference between them is that the Team option supports up to three users and benefits from Premium support.

Upon first accessing the site, Piktochart looks rather like a blank canvas, which is essentially what it is. When you click on the “Create a new infographic” link, a new tab opens and you get to access a blank template and a selection of tools, which are obviously marked and clearly explained. If you do need any more help, there’s a clear button at the bottom right for just that purpose. If what you need isinspiration rather than help, head back to thehome page and look at the bottom left, where there is an “Inspire Me” button, which brings up a new tab with a selection of infographics created by other users. Piktochart also has four pricing plans to meet the needs of different users.

Free: The free account offers access to the excellent editing software and over 4000s icons with which to enhance your creations. Infographics carry a Piktochart watermark.

Lite (US$15 per month/US$150 per annum): This opens up access to all 600 templates and allows you to upload 100MB of your own images and to download higher-quality files.

Pro (US$29 per month/US$290 per annum) and Pro Team (coming soon, pricing to be determined): Both of these options open up the full range of functionality and allow images to be downloaded in the highest-quality formats and free of the Piktochart watermark.

Piktochart offers special payment plans for non-profits and educators

Canva literally guides users through every step of the creation process with a wizard-like interface, which makes it super quick and simple to get started creating effective infographics. Once you’re familiar with the site, however, you can bypass this, if you wish and work purely under your own steam. In case you do find yourself at a loss, there is an obvious “Help” button, which opens in a new tab and has straightforward answers to questions on a variety of topics.

In keeping with its philosophy of simplicity,Canva only has three pricing plans.

Canva (Free):Canva’s free plan is particularly generous. It not only gives you access to over 8000templates, but gives you a massive 1GB of storage for your own images and resources and allows you to add up to 9 other people to your team.

Canva for Work (US$12.95 per month/US$119.40 per annum), allows users to work in teams of 50 and provides unlimited storage as well as a whole range of advanced functionality, like the ability to upload custom fonts for your brand and to set your owncolour palettes.

Canva Enterprise is coming soon and includes everything inCanva for Work along with enhancedteam-management functionality, such as workflow control, as well as sophisticated analytics and premium support. takes its cue from its name and aims to make creating infographics as simple as it can possibly be. Choose from a range of templates and edit them usinga simple but powerful tools. One of the great features of is the ability to create and join groups. A special mention has to go to the blog, which is just packed full of helpful tips and inspiration, plus runs regular webinars to help you learn how to create infographics effectively. There are only two pricing plans on

Free: This gives you access to the infographic-creation editor along with 60 free images and 10 fonts.

Pro (US$3 per month = US$36 per annum): This gives you access to 680,000 free images, over 50 fonts and dozens of templates, with more being added all the time. You can upload your own resources and download higher resolution files. There is also enhanced support and extra security options.

Creately is a real,all-round site, which supports all kinds of different diagrams forms in addition to infographics. This means that if you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for all your diagramming needs, this could be the place for you.Creately does require Flash to be installed for you to use it online, but this can be easily managed by an individual or an IT team. There are different versions of Creately for different purposes. Individual users, for example, may prefer the online, desktop, mobile and Google Apps version, while companies may benefit from the fact that there are plugins for Confluence and Jira. There is also a special version for educators.

Because there are so many different versions ofCreately, there is a real variety of pricing plans. You can try out the system with a Public account, which lets you create up to 5 diagrams using the online editor. The next level up is a Personal account at US$5 per month or US$49 per year, which unlocks the full functionality of the site, including the ability to import from other sources such as Visio and XML files, but is restricted to online use. The Personal desktop version is available at US$75 a year and includes access to theCreately online. After that, prices depend on how many users you have and which version(s) of Creately you want to use but all are very reasonable.

Venngage is very beginner friendly, but also has lots of resources and advanced features for more demanding users. The site and editor are both very straightforward to navigate, but if you do have any problems, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the support button. This takes you through to a well-organized and searchable Knowledge Base. There is also a live chat function. Venngage also has a YouTube channel (Venngage Inc), which has over 50 videos in it and is full of practical tips and inspiration.

There are three pricing options for standard users.

Free: free plan allows free publishing. If users need to export, they’ll have to upgrade to premium

Premium: (Monthly $19.00, Quarterly $49.00 and Yearly $190.00) opens up more than enough functionality for the average freelance or start-up, among other features, it offers premium templates, the opportunity to upload up to 50 of your own images and to export to PNG and PDF.

Business (US$49 per month/US$129 per quarter/US$468 per annum): This unlocks all the functionality of the site and there’s plenty of it. In addition to all the resources for creating great infographics, you have the option to work in teams and have full technical and customer support including the opportunity to attend live training workshops.

There are special packages for educators and non-profits.

Once you signin to for the first time, you’ll have the option to watch a three-minute video tutorial on getting started. Even if you pass on this option, the editor is very intuitive, particularly if you’ve ever use PowerPoint, since the look and feelis fairly similar. If you do find yourself struggling, there is a help button in the bottom-right corner of the screen. From here, you can either look up the Knowledge Base or chat with a live support agent.

Basic (free): Allows you to create public content, with a maximum of 10 projects, up to two map charts and up to 10 image uploads.

Pro (US$25 per month/US$228 per annum): This unlocks extra functionality in terms of creating infographics, so lots more designs maps and icons, plus you can have a library of up to 100 infographics at any given time, along with more than 500 maps and 100 of your own images. You have the option to download to standard formats and increased privacy options

Business (US$79 per month/US$804 per annum). This offers everything in the pro option plus the opportunity to add your own logo and branding, access detailed analytics and customize linking and sharing. can offer special deals to enterprise users,educators and non-profits. states thatit’s aim is to overhaul resumes (CVs), the fact is that its system can be used for really any purpose and works very well. When you first access the site, you are greeted by a resume (CV) builder, but click past this to Themes,Styles and Topics and you’ll see just how flexible the site can be. is unusual in the fact that at this point in time, it’s totally free. It may therefore appeal to many people who are just cutting their teeth with infographics, or only need them occasionally as well as to those in the job market.


All the above mentioned sites are well worth a run out as each one offers value – these are certainly the best resources for creating an infographic available today.

Visit each one and your favorite may come down to the interface and design platform the suits you best

Other Places to Submit Your Infographic

There a few other relevant places to submit your infographic as to get full exposure and we being the friendly service we are have compiled a useful list for you: