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Our mission is to be the best and number one infographic resource site on the web

To achieve this we do have certain rules in place to ensure the focus is on the quality delivered to our site visitors looking for infographics for their websites, social media or any other outlet

As such we have the following guidelines in place for anyone wanting to feature on our site

Submission Guidelines

  • IMPORTANT!! You infographic must be of considerable quality and offer value in its content
  • Anything considered rude, pornographic or in any way distasteful will not be accepted
  • We look to display infographics, not posters. Please ensure all submissions are of a certain lengh
  • You should write a description for the infographic at least 2 paragraphs in length. This will better persuade the viewer to share your infographic or can be used to explain anything in regards to the infographics purpose/information
  • We check all the sites the infographic embedded code links to. If the site is questionable in value to visitors on in content we will feature you on our site
  • By submitting you pass all rights to us to allow our site users to share, publish and distribute your infographic in any way they see fit

That’s it……….

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